I am thrilled that you have landed on my site! Since choosing a wedding photographer is so important and very personal I guess I should tell you a bit about me. I am originally from Atlanta, GA but lived in Colorado for 7 years. I have lost my southern accent, although it moonlights when I get really excited. I am inspired by nature, light, color and my subjects personality. Hopefully you can glean from my images that my goal is to make anyone in front of my camera feel like themselves. I think that those original moments are the most precious. I will do almost anything to extract a genuine expression. 

I love people. I am genuinely curious about other people's lives, which is why after so many years I still get excited and feel so lucky to get to witness and capture a couple's wedding. I love getting the opportunity to see and be among all the joy that encompasses the day. Yup, I still sometimes cry at weddings. I know it's a bit pathetic, but man sometimes it's just too much to handle! I I feel so blessed to do what I do. I get to meet amazing people (hopefully you) be creative and have fun! I look forward to meeting you!
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